Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taus, Dilruba, and Esraj Method Book Now Available

Greetings all!

I am very pleased to announce  the new book "A Practical Method for Taus, Dilruba, and Esraj" has recently become available at and Rain City Music. This text was the result of several years of work/learning/research, so, to be able to offer it (finally) feels really great. 

The book outlines a brief history of the instruments, maintenance and care, music theory, and practical lessons. Its not entirely a self-study text, but those of you who have experience with musical instruments you could probably work with it on your own. It would be most useful, however, with an instructor. 

So, if you have been meaning to learn Taus, Dilruba, or Esraj I would like to invite you to consider "A Practical Method" as I really feel it will help you on your way. There is also a much less expensive Kindle version as well.

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Order at Rain City Music

All the best!

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