Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vocal Study Products: List One

Some parents/students have asked me to summarize the various vocal training methods I have been considering. So, I have generated two lists. The first are the major home study products. These are the first-rate-celebrity vocal coaches that have come out with training materials (apparently) intended to be an all-in –one program. The second list will be additional components, or lesser known products aimed at being supplementary material for students currently enrolled in voice lessons. These lists are in no way intended to be a review of any kind, the only goal here is to inform consumers of what is available. It is strongly suggested that you view the product summaries on the seller’s webpage directly.

List One: Major Players in Home Vocal Study Products

 Singing Success – Brett Manning

This is the only program out of the bunch (meaning this first list) with which I have had first-hand experience. I managed to procure a copy of the program while I was looking for materials for students and was very taken with the method. It had made an impression so much so that I actually recommended the program in a past blog.  In truth, the best vocal study product I have come across so far is the “Mastering the Mix” program (also by Brett Manning) which was billed as something of a follow-up to the Singing Success CDs. There is no specific time-frame for the course, the student is simply supposed to work through it at their own pace (it took me the better part of a year to complete the Singing Success CDs). To summarize the approach; essentially, it is a step by step series of vocal strengthening sessions in order to make the voice more pliable and virtuosic. Singing Success used to offer a payment plan, but I have been unable to verify if they still do this.

Physical Version (Singing Success) $199.95 + $10.00 Shipping Download Version 199.95
Physical Version (Mastering the Mix) $249.99 Download Version $249.99

Ken Tamplin is an absolute legend in the Christian rock genre, and his high note chops are first rate. It is actually his own skill that is the major selling point for this program as can be seen from his many “how to sing like…” videos on YouTube. I reviewed his “e-book” publication in an earlier blog which garnished me some degree of ridicule from Tamplin supporters.  Regarding the program; there are three levels total. The first two are (I am told) designed to form a foundation for correct singing whereas the last is supposed to be advanced training. I have not used Tamplin’s series and therefore cannot comment on its effectiveness, however; there are many singers out there who stand by the program.

Physical Version $319.00 Download Version $299.00

This program seems to be the only one out of the bunch that is completely video-based.  A total of four DVDs comprise issues such as generating more power with your voice, singing in tune, increasing your range, and finally; breathing.  Again, there doesn’t seem to be any set schedule for using the lessons, although it is conceivable that one could spend a week with each video.

Physical Version $177.00 Download Version $147.00

I looked around, fairly hard (much harder than I wanted to for this blog) to find who the author for this program was. Sadly I was unable to uncover that bit of data, so any of you readers who know the answer please feel free to drop a comment letting us all know. This program comprises 28 lessons, and from the looks of it, this is the only program to have a theoretical component to it. Meaning that you get all the breathing, pitch and range work, and also solfege, meter and scale theory, this is worth mentioning. Of course, if you already have a theoretical basis (such as, if you took piano lessons) this might not be quite the draw I am making it out to be. Aside from this there are also practical segments such as; how to sing with a band, and audition advice.

Pysical Version $299.95 Download Version $99.95

Vocal Release is an eight week program that on the surface is indistinguishable from the others. What is really nice here is the apparent step-by-step approach of clearing the voice of “bad habits” and then applying the exercises. The idea (seems to be) that the singer will cycle through the program every two months checking in with the audio files and making sure no bad habits develop along with keeping everything humming. Eric Frey is also a gifted vocalist worth hearing if you are a fan of rock-vocals.

Physical Version Not Available Download Version $97


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