Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Purchasing Instruments From Abroad, it is Best to Demand UPS, NOT FedEx

I wanted to warn the community about FedEx and their tactics for denying claims for instruments damaged in transit. I ordered a Dilruba from India (I have ordered 8 instruments from India, all shipped through UPS without incident) this one was shipped FedEx, the skin was torn during the trip which (as you all know) makes the instrument worthless. I filed a claim with FedEx which dropped into a black hole for a couple of weeks before I called for an update. I was promptly told that the claim was denied. Needless to say I was frustrated regarding the whole ordeal especially after watching videos like this:

There are many more videos like this, but many of them feature swearing which I don't want to expose my readers to. I suppose in the final analysis, this company believes that it can get away with anything - but for my part, I will always ask for UPS, not FedEx.

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